A Member of Seungri’s Chatroom Got Kicked out for Getting Caught with Marijuana

Donga Ilbo reported additional findings of the group.

Donga Ilbo recently reported additional findings on Seungri‘s chatroom of 8 members and gave further insight into the happenings within their group.

According to the report, Seungri’s chatroom consisted of 8 members who were all around the same age as Seungri, and who all invested in a bar that Seungri opened in Gangnam. It appears that their friendship grew as they invested in and managed the bar together.

Among these members, Jung Joon Young, a girl group member’s older brother, Mr. A, and Seungri’s friends, Mr. B, and Mr. C have been charged for sharing illegal videos in the chatroom.

It has been confirmed that the 8 members of the chatroom maintained their friendship through sharing illegal videos, but their relationship started to waver when Mr. A got charged for the possession of marijuana.

According to the report, the members kicked out Mr. A from their chatroom as soon as his incident was reported on the news. It is predicted that they didn’t want to be negatively affected by Mr. A’s scandal.

A friend of Mr. A stated, “From what I’ve heard, Mr. A smoked marijuana with other members of the group, but he didn’t rat them out during the investigation. So when they kicked him out despite him being loyal to them, he probably felt very betrayed.

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