Seungri Charged With Bringing Prostitute To His Own Home

Another charge has been added.

In an exclusive report, MBN has detailed how Seungri personally called prostitutes to his own home in 2015.

The report detailed how Seungri not only sought out prostitutes for the Japanese investors in 2015, but he also is now under suspicion of buying prostitutes himself.

According to the police, they have secured financial records and evidence showing the women called for prostitution going to Seungri’s home.

During the investigations for these charges, Seungri is said to have admitted to having sex, but stated that it was a normal meeting between a man and a woman, not purchasing a prostitute.

Seungri’s arrest warrant currently carries 4 charges. There are the 3 prior charges of embezzlement, soliciting prostitution, and violating the Food Sanitation Act. There is also the new charge of prostitution itself.

Source: MBN

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