Military Prosecution Seeks 5 Years In Prison for Seungri On Prostitution Charges

The case continued into July 1, 2021.

As Seungri’s long-drawn trial continued on July 1, 2021, the military prosecution reportedly is seeking 5 years in prison for him based on prostitution charges. However, Seungri has denied all prostitution charges and has claimed that he did not enter the military to evade scandal. As reported earlier, Seungri had defended himself against claims of prostitution. He denied being involved in any situation which had invited call girls over to his events.

On my birthday near the year-end, in order to repay the people from various countries that congratulated me, including Koji Aoyama and his wife, I invited various foreign acquaintances to a huge Christmas party that I had planned. As I was busy taking care of my own acquaintances, I only found out that they had called girls over during the investigations.

— Seungri

He also denied any form of prostitution being hosted in his own home.

My parents and younger brother live next door to me. They know my password and drop by regularly. As I am unable to know when they would drop by, it is not possible for me to have hosted prostitution in my own home. Furthermore, I was very busy with promotions at that point in time. I was not in the position where I could pay anyone to have such relations with me, neither did I have to.

— Seungri

In an update to the situation, Seungri has denied charges of the usage of cameras to film sexual assault or prostitution.

Although they did share photographs that came from advertising messages, they did not film anything personally. Although Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong Hoon have admitted to sharing such photographs thus violating the information communication act and being found guilty, Seungri is not related to this at all.

— Seungri’s legal defense

Regarding accusations of escaping to the military, his legal defense denies such claims.

They say I escaped into the military but I had asked for an extension for enlistment due to needing to help with investigations. Even when I was left with only a week before enlistment, I underwent police investigations. I am the person that wants to prove my innocence.

— Seungri

Newsis released news that the military prosecution has been seeking a five-year jail term for him. No further update has been released by the media yet. Stay tuned!

Source: Chosun and Newsis

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