New Chat Logs Reveal Seungri Making Light Of Korean Law

“F*cking Korean law, this is why I love it.”

New chat logs between Seungri‘s business partner Park and Seungri have revealed Seungri making light of the Korean laws.

The dialogue came from a chatroom conversation about Seungri, Jung Joon Young and Choi Jonghoon‘s bar, Mildang Pocha. Park began by suggesting that it would be okay to register the pub under a different business category.

Park: Simply put, XXX is also doing business like that and it’s illegal but difficult to control with the law so everyone’s hushing it up.

Seungri: So that means we wouldn’t have much problem as well. Just hand them some money if we get caught.


After hearing Park’s opinion, Seungri told him to go ahead and register the business under a different category (to avoid additional taxes). Furthermore, he made a comment that suggested he was making light of Korean law.

Seungri: Go ahead. Talk to 000 about it.

Park: Okay.

Seungri: F*cking Korean law, this is why I love it.


Their conversation continued:

Park: It’s nice how the law is so vague.

Park: Since the law is so vague, even if they get caught, the business owners file a lawsuit right away.

Seungri: We can say that they were moving, not dancing.


Seungri’s comment most likely refers to the ordinance enacted by Mapo-gu that allows customers of businesses under the “general restaurant” category to dance at their seats. Businesses registered under “general restaurant” are exempt from the additional 13% tax that “adult entertainment establishment” businesses must pay.


Moreover, Seungri stated that a Japanese businessman who invested in Yoori Holdings paid his alcohol bill on the launch date of the bar in cash.

Seungri: The chairman says he’ll pay in cash in yen.

Choi Jonghoon: 8,000,000 yen?

Seungri: 880,000,000 yen…

Seungri: Watch the exchange rate and exchange it later.


Additional conversations gave rise to suspicions about their plans to evade taxes on the business.

Seungri: I can’t tell if this is a club or a bar. Lol.

Seungri: Have 000 spread word about it.

Kim: I hope we don’t get slapped with a tax bomb if word gets out. Lol.

Source: Dispatch

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