New Chatlogs Allegedly Show Seungri Sent Korean Prostitutes To Business Partners In Japan

He’s done this multiple times.

New possible evidence was reported to the police by an informant identified as a businessman from Gangnam. He claimed he’s had a close eye on Seungri over the years and revealed new chat logs to the police.

In his report, whenever the executives from a Japanese construction company visited Korea, Seungri allegedly entertained them at the Burning Sun club. He also submitted chat logs that showed Seungri sending Korean women to Japan with the purpose of selling sex as entertainment. The chats also mentions exactly how many times Seungri sent Korean women for prostitution.

Report log: “When K-Company executives came to Korea, Seungri entertained them”, “He sent Korean women to Japan for the purpose of selling sex”

The Japanese construction company’s CEO is well known to be close business partners and friends with Seungri. He’s uploaded multiple photos of Seungri and himself at various gatherings.

Seungri’s representative denied that he “never” sent Korean women to Japan as sexual favors, and that “the CEO and Seungri are just friends.

Channel A got a hold of Seungri’s KakaoTalk chatrooms and found evidence that he took Korean women that work in the nightlife industry to Japan to host parties. They release snippets of the chatroom, where Jung Joon Young and others discussed about “bringing” and “preparing” women. It also held vulgar language that degraded women.

Chat log: “Bring the girls from OO (Company Name)”, “Prepare them”

Seungri, Jung Joon Young, and 6 other members of the chatrooms have all been called to the police station for questioning and investigation for their connection to the recent scandal.

Source: Channel A

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