Seungri Claims It’s Better To Know None Of Your Fans Names Than Knowing Only A Few 

A clip of BIGBANG’s Seungri being selected as an artist who knows his fans well has recently resurfaced and is garnering attention.

In the video, Seungri candidly revealed his unconventional way of making sure his fans are treated right. 

“Here’s a little piece of advice for anyone who is debuting now, from my 9 years of experience: If you want to memorise your fans’ names, you have to memorise them all. If you’re not going to memorize all of them, memorize none of them!

If you memorize the names of 1 or 2 fans, 3 or 4 will want you to remember theirs as well. It becomes increasingly difficult to remember everone’s name, but you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. This is hard.” 

— BIGBANG’s Seungri

The technique seems to have worked for him because by treating his fans this way, everyone is treated the same. 

He even joked, “I have to pretend I do not remember or know everything I need to remember. If they are not equal, there will be conflict between the fans.” 

It’s a but unconventional but it seems to be working for him considering he’s achieved such a title.


Source: Dispatch