Seungri Criticized For Going To Police Investigations In Full Makeup

He’s being criticized.

Seungri just recently completed his 5th round of police investigations regarding his scandal and the Burning Sun case, but he has once again been a target of criticism, this time regarding his need for personal beauty.

According to a witness known as “B”, Seungri visited a hair and makeup shop in Gangnam on the mornings of March 14 and March 26 before his investigations to get his hair and makeup done. Celebrities such as BIGBANG and actors “L” and “J” frequently visit this shop.

The witness also stated that he saw Seungri getting his full makeup done, and stated that even female celebrities would not get that much makeup done, unless they are participating in a very important event or broadcast.

I was surprised to see someone involved in a public matter (like the investigation) getting dressed in full makeup as if he were on some big show.

It was quite different from the other celebrities and wealthy men who appear at the police station.

— Witness “B”

He even noted that Seungri made an extra request while getting his makeup done, asking for his eye makeup to be stronger.

A makeup artist known as “C”, who has been working for broadcasts for 20 years explained what having heavy eye makeup usually means for the artist.

It’s a burden to go to the police station when there are crowds of reporters there. Even stars who usually wear heavy makeup will change it for their appearance at the police. Having heavy eye makeup at the police is like a symbol showing that the person believes they did nothing wrong.

— Makeup artist “C”

Finally, “B” commented on Seungri’s attitude towards his current situation.

The makeup itself is not the problem, it was the man who didn’t seem to feel the slightest sense of guilt. It feels quite bitter to see a celebrity with no remorse.

— Witness “B”

Seungri recently completed his 5th round of police investigations on March 26, spending around 3.5 hours at the police station.

Source: Money Today

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