[★TRENDING] Seungri gets no love from BIGBANG members and the public?

BIGBANG has revealed a hilarious story behind the subway trip taken by Seungri for the “We Like 2 Party” MV!

While guesting on Naver Starcast on Air Countdown Live for their latest releases, Seungri recalled the time when he took the subway and generated a lot of buzz after news spread on the internet.

Seungri revealed, “When we were filming the music video for ‘We Like 2 Party,’ I took the subway but nobody recognized me at all,” to which Taeyang added, “The Hapjeong station is right in front of our company, but Seungri insisted to go to Hongik University station where there were many people.

Seungri then admitted, “I went to Hongik University station because I wanted to greet the public. But nobody recognized me.

Finally, Taeyang delivered the final blow, saying, “There were times when BIGBANG members were not able to recognize Seungri. There was a time when we mistook him as an assistant director,” causing everyone to burst out laughing.

Source: Newsen