Seungri Impresses Fans At “The Great Seungri Tour 2019 Live in Hong Kong ~The Seungri Show~”

He is so good at entertaining the crowd!

On January 12, BIGBANG member Seungri visited Hong Kong for a stop of ~ The Seungri Show ~, his solo concert tour prior to military enlistment.


Hours before the main show, Seungri stopped by Windsor House as a guest for the opening ceremony of the shopping mall’s newest exhibit, where he impressed everyone with his ability to interact with the host without much help from the translator, thanks to his impressive language skills.


Not only did he answer questions in Korean, Mandarin, and English, but he also interacted with fans as much as he possibly could given the time constraint. After playing a game, only two of the four fans selected were suppose to receive Polaroid photos of Seungri based on the rules set by the event organizer; however, Seungri decided to take a Polaroid photo with each of the four fans individually.


In the evening, Seungri kicked off ~ The Seungri Show ~ with “BANG BANG BANG”, “Let’s Talk About Love”, and “GG BE”. He also performed Jay Chou’s hit song, “The Longest Movie”, in Mandarin.


Aside from Seungri’s amazing performances, Sandara Park also entertained the crowd as a guest for the show. Although the two didn’t have a joint stage, the fans cheered loud and clear for the individual stages.

The show ended with lucky fans sending off the singer, who will be travelling and holding the next stop of his show in Manila on the 19th.