Identity Of Seungri’s Investor Madam Lin Has Been Revealed

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Seungri‘s investor, Madam Lin, has been revealed to be an extremely wealthy woman who was the matriarch of a sports gambling website based in Taiwan.

According to Mirror Media, a Taiwanese media outlet, Madam Lin, who used to run a restaurant, opened a casino with retired police officers of Taichung in 1993 and began a gambling business. At the time, she aired live broadcasts of casinos in Las Vegas or the Philippines and created a system that allows gamblers to make bets online.


Since then, Madam Lin made a fortune off of Chinese gamblers by systematically running an illegal sports gambling website based in the Philippines. She is said to have earned up to NT$400M ($13M USD) a day and an accumulated $12.3B USD in 5 years.


According to the Taiwanese press, Madam Lin is also a legendary figure among the social circles of Taiwan. She is said to be obsessed with anything that is labeled “limited edition” and is a VVVIP of luxury brands. And while she goes by the English name “Yi Ju Lin”, it is likely that this is not her real name.


Meanwhile, Madam Lin was recently accused of money laundering through Burning Sun and as a result, her flow of funds in relation to Seungri’s scandal is also being investigated.

Source: TV Report

Burning Sun Scandal

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