Seungri Spotted Leaving Seoul District Court Tied Up And Handcuffed

He came out handcuffed after 3 hours of investigations.

Earlier today, Seungri arrived at the Seoul District Court in Seocho for another round of investigations.


About 3 hours later, he reemerged with his arms tied and hands cuffed, while two officers escorted him out to a van.


Reporters quickly surrounded him for a statement but Seungri continued to remain silent.


His handcuffs were covered by cloths as per tradition to avoid the sight of handcuffs being publicized.


His arm restraints were also blurred in press photos for the same reasons.


Seungri now joins the like of Choi Jonghoon and Jung Joon Young, who were both handcuffed as they finished their investigations.


The police have filed a preliminary arrest warrant for Seungri on accounts of prostitution, embezzlement, violation of the Food Sanitation Law, and more. The arrest warrant’s results will be decided on by tonight or early on the 15th at the latest.

Source: Dispatch

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