Seungri Makes His First Public Appearance In More Than 3 Months, Arrives At Police Station For Questioning

He apologized.

Seungri has made his first public appearance in over 3 months at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency for investigations over his gambling charges.

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Seungri arrived at the police station at 9:55 am KST wearing a black suit and a short haircut, and briefly spoke to reporters waiting for him outside the station.

Seungri stated that he would participate in the investigations with an honest mind.

I will faithfully participate in the police investigations. I am sorry for causing worry again.

— Seungri

However, when he was asked questions such as “Do you admit to violating the Foreign Exchange Act”, “How do you feel right now?”, or “How much money did you spend on gambling?”, he did not answer.

Seungri is being investigated for the first time in 65 days, when he was being investigated for his connections to the Burning Sun scandal. Yang Hyun Suk is scheduled to be summoned for investigations tomorrow, August 29.

Source: SBS