Seungri’s Monkey Museum Club Revealed To Have Branch In China

Monkey Museum Changsha.

It was confirmed on March 28 that Seungri‘s Monkey Museum club also had a branch in Changsha, China.

The club, which was called Monkey Museum Changsha, opened in 2017 and was operating until June 2018.


Seungri’s involvement in the management of Monkey Museum Changsha could be seen through the Chinese media, blogs written by Chinese fans and Seungri’s own social media.

On May 25, 2017, Seungri held a large party at Monkey Museum Changsha in celebration of its launch. Approximately 1,000 people joined the event including Seungri and the DJs of Natural High Record (NHR), Seungri’s DJ label. NHR’s DJs have since been dispatched to Monkey Museum Changsha on multiple occasions for various events.


Seungri had posted about this party at Changsha on his social media as well. It was uploaded in the early morning of May 26 along with a video of the party.


Seungri had reportedly opened the club in China in partnership with the Hong Kong-based L Entertainment through Yuri Holdings. L Entertainment is currently running numerous large-scale clubs in Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong. Their 2016 annual report stated, “Acquired Chinese business rights on Monkey Museum brand.”

Another economy newspaper from Macau stated, “L company reached a business agreement with Yuri Holdings for Monkey Museum and will be opening Monkey Museum Changsha in Hunan, China in accordance with the contract.” The newspaper introduced Seungri as the founder of Monkey Museum Korea.


Monkey Museum is the club opened by Yuri Holdings in July 2016 and the club that became the starting point of Seungri’s scandal, ultimately leading to Club Burning Sun. Meanwhile, Monkey Museum and Yuri Holdings are being investigated by the National Tax Service for suspicions of tax evasion.

Source: Newsen

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