Netizens Are Stunned To Realize That Seungri Will Be Released From Prison Only Months From Now

“He’s already getting released?”

Earlier this year, Korean netizens were outraged when former BIGBANG member Seungri, who has been charged with a total of nine different offences due to his involvement in the Burning Sun scandal, was able to reduce his prison time from three years to 18 months, half of his original sentence.

Seungri | Reuters

Originally indicted back in January 2020, Seungri’s charges included prostitution, prostitution mediation, embezzlement, violating food safety laws, habitual gambling, and violating the foreign exchange law.

| Chung Sung Jun

Having already served some of his 1.5 year sentence prior to his temporary military enlistment — which was temporarily halted in June of this year so he could complete his prison time — Seungri then only had eight months left of his sentence to complete, giving him a release date in February 2023.

Six of those eight months have now passed, and netizens are reacting with shock and dismay at the realization that there are only about two months left of Seungri’s sentence before he’ll be released back to the public.


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Caption: “He’s already getting released?“… Seungri will be released from prison in 2 months

In particular, many people have voiced their curiosity on a post regarding Seungri’s release about whether or not he will try to come back to YouTube, since he is no longer a part of the K-Pop industry.

  • “He’s going to turn to YouTube”
  • “Please don’t return to YouTube I don’t want to see you at all”
  • “If the law is like this, you can’t expect crime to go down…”
  • “I guess we’ll see him on YouTube now”
  • “How is he being released already?”
  • “This is so crazy”
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Only time will tell what Seungri has planned for his future once he has served his shortened prison time.


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