Everything About Seungri’s Exclusive And Luxurious Birthday Party In The Philippines Revealed

Here are all the details from the guest list to the total expenses:

An employee of a certain hostess club in Gangnam revealed that she was invited by one of her regular customers, BIGBANG‘s Seungri, to his birthday party and she wouldn’t be required to bring anything but her own self.

Seungri oppa comes often. He comes with (Lee) Moon Ho oppa. He bragged about renting an entire island in the Philippines for his birthday. He said he was only inviting beautiful women and asked me to go.

ㅡ Hostess club employee


Seungri’s only condition was for her to bring other beautiful women with her.

He said he would pay for all the expenses as long as there were beautiful women. About 10 girls from our business went. There were also a few women from other places that were considered the top 10%.

ㅡ Hostess club employee


On December 9, 2017, Seungri rented an entire resort on the island of Palawan. He invited approximately 150 guests and held the party for two days. The guest list provided by Dispatch shows the list of VIP and guests as well as flight times and the flight numbers.


Seungri had categorized his guests into “VIP” and “guest” as they do in clubs. Wealthy people (or celebrities) from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand were categorized as “VIP”.

For instance, Mrs. Lin from Taiwan (VIP TEAM #1) is a Taiwanese business partner who directly invested in Club Burning Sun. Mr. T (Hong Kong VIP) is a powerful politician in Hong Kong and is also the son of the wealthy, Mr. D. The VIP guest list further includes global actors and actresses as well as athletes.

The above photos are unrelated to the guest list.


The women from the hostess clubs were categorized as “guest”. There were even women from adult entertainment establishments at Seungri’s birthday party, who were hired. Others on Seungri’s “guest” list included social media stars and former models from Korea as well as Taiwanese models.

I went with the model friends who Seungri invited. The round trip airfare and the Palawan resort fees were all provided. Everything was free from room service to alcohol.

ㅡ Guest A


President Lee Moon Ho of Club Burning Sun was also there. The two worked together on the VIP guest list as well as invitations to the female guests.


One anonymous guest stated that it felt as if a club in Gangnam had been moved over to the Phillippines and mentioned that he heard some people were even doing drugs.

Seungri also hired DJs. They provided top-class champagne and even prepared “seals (beautiful women)”. It felt like a Gangnam club was moved over here. We spent a night of complete madness. They were in their own world. No one would know what happened. Security was perfect. I heard rumors that they did drugs. It could have spread because they just partied like crazy…”

ㅡ Guest B


Seungri spent a total of $444,083 USD for renting the resort for three days. This was the discounted price of the original price, which is $504,570 USD.


On top of this fee, Seungri is said to have paid for airfare, the DJs and alcohol (champagne) as well as the fireworks that went off during his birthday countdown.

He provided business class tickets to VIP guests. The (female) guests were economy. They bragged that they spent around $450,000-550,000 USD. He even said $18,000 USD was spent on fireworks alone.

ㅡ Hostess club employee


Two months after his successful party, Club Burning Sun opened with Lee Moon Ho listed as the president and with Mrs. Lin’s investment.

Meanwhile, drugs were detected from Lee Moon Ho’s hair samples. Seungri has also recently reported to the police station and taken part in these tests.

Burning Sun Scandal

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