Seungri Reportedly Received $1 Million USD Apartment From Wealthy Vietnamese Man

Details were clearly stated on the construction firm’s website.

Seungri has reportedly received a luxury apartment from a wealthy man when he visited Hanoi, Vietnam a couple of years ago.

It was confirmed on March 25 by Newsen that the Vietnamese construction firm that constructed the apartment Seungri received presented an advertisement that read “Singer Seungri became an apartment owner” on the company’s web page. Along with the ad were numerous photos of Seungri and the Vietnamese man visiting the model house as well as a detailed description of Seungri’s visit.


According to the description, Seungri visited Hanoi for 1 day after being invited by a good friend on April 3, 2016 or 2017. During his short stay, he also visited the apartment’s model house. Seungri’s acquaintances from Korea, the Vietnamese wealthy man and his son were also present at the model house.


It seems that the Vietnamese man had given Seungri the apartment towards the end of his visit. According to Newsen, it clearly stated on the web page, “The wealthy man had decided to give Seungri the apartment. Seungri was surprised to receive the apartment he liked.”

The web page also displayed details about the apartment he received. The apartment was furnished with famous Italian designer brand furniture which was accompanied by crocodile leather, quality cowhide and rare woods.


According to the research conducted by Newsen, the apartment was located in a multipurpose building containing approximately 240 apartments of 200 square meters (60 pyeong), which were selling for about 1 billion won ($883,000 USD) each.


The Seungri Scandal episode of The It’s Know had suggested that Seungri received help from wealthy men from around the world while he was managing Yuri Holdings and it seems that the Vietnamese wealthy man was one of these people.

Meanwhile, Seungri’s legal representative has yet to make any statement in regard to the issue.

Source: Newsen

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