Seungri And Chatroom Members Revealed To Have Hosted Numerous Parties With Happy Balloons In Itaewon

They would get high with boxes of nitrous oxide capsules.

It has just been revealed that Seungri and the members of the chatroom has been hosting drinking parties with happy balloons (nitrous oxide) between 2015-2017 with members of the chatroom and women in their early to mid 20’s at a bar in Itaewon.

This particular bar in Itaewon was also the same bar Choi Jonghoon visited just prior to his arrest for drunk driving in 2016. Happy balloons are another name for nitrous oxide, which after being inhaled, makes you feel high for 20-30 seconds.

Employees from the bar met with reporters and revealed that Seungri, Choi Jonghoon, Yoo In Suk, and Mr. Kim were among the members of the chatroom that often visited the bar and had their hallucination parties with nitrous oxide. Seungri had been visiting the bar since May 2015.

Seungri’s group always came with an even number of girls who were in their early or mid 20’s. Each man had a girl next to them as they inhaled the happy balloon and drank together.

— Bar employee “A”

The employees at the bar commonly witnessed Seungri and his group getting boxes of nitrous oxide capsules delivered to the bar. They would use dozens of capsules of nitrous oxide while they were there.

They would take a box of capsules from the entrance of the bar and bring it to their corner table in the back. Using their extraction tool, they would make the happy balloon and then inhale it.

They would need to use it by the box because each one capsule gives only a short time of hallucinations.

— Bar employee “A”

Seungri’s group often used this place as their “hang out”, even though they were warned by the bar staff that they shouldn’t be using drugs or nitrous oxide there. They even did it on weekends when the bar was crowded with other guests.

Seungri’s group would openly use the nitrous oxide capsules at their table and have their hallucination party, so the staff held a meeting on what we should do.

Starting at the end of 2016, when a member of their group called to reserve a table, we would tell them that there are no more tables available, and the frequency of their visits went down.

— Bar employee “A”

Nitrous oxide has been banned by law since June 2017. Use of it as a hallucinogen is now subject to punishment by law. The members of the chatroom rarely visited the bar after mid-2017, and completely stopped visiting the bar by the time Burning Sun opened in February 2018.

Finally, it was also revealed that one member of the chatroom put the date-rape drug in a woman’s drink while at the bar.

In early 2016, Seungri’s friend Mr. Kim told the table ‘I brought the date-rape drug’ and I warned him ‘don’t use that at our bar’. Some time later, I saw Mr. Kim helping up a woman who couldn’t keep herself steady and staggering.

— Bar employee “B”

Source: Donga Ilbo

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