Seungri Revealed To Have Used Embezzled Funds To Pay For His DJ’s Sexual Assault Legal Fees

He paid for his DJ’s sexual assault fees with the money.

An exclusive Channel A report has revealed that Seungri used money that he embezzled from Yuri Holdings to pay for the legal fees for one of his DJ’s at Monkey Museum.

It was revealed that Seungri embezzled 11,000,000 ($9,694 USD) from Yuri Holdings, the company that he was a co-CEO of.

A police investigation has confirmed that Seungri used this money to pay for the legal fees for a lawyer to represent one of his employees at Monkey Museum, a club that he ran. One of his club DJ’s was being investigated for alleged sexual assault against a woman who was drunk.

In regards to this revelation, Seungri denied that there was any embezzlement.

I paid for the lawyer fees because [the incident] could affect the club’s image.

— Seungri

Police are now investigating if Seungri had any more instances of embezzlement, following the reveal of him paying for a DJ’s lawyer fees with embezzled money.

Source: Channel A