Seungri Reveals He Is Still Awkward Around Daesung, Even After 13 Years Together

“I’m not that comfortable with Daesung yet.”

Seungri appeared as a solo guest on Idol Room and talked about how, even after working 13 years as a team, he is still awkward around his fellow BIGBANG member, Daesung.


The hosts Defconn and Jung Hyung Don wanted to discuss why Seungri is the most popular wedding singer choice within YG Entertainment. Seungri got excited to boast that he has sung at 18 weddings now.

“Everyone always comes to me. They only ask me! They don’t ask G-Dragon, they don’t ask Taeyang, they don’t ask Daesung hyung…”

— Seungri 


As soon as Seungri called Daesung a “Hyung (형, older brother to a male)”, an honorific he didn’t use to refer to G-Dragon or Taeyang, the hosts immediately grew curious as to why.

“How come Daesung is the only one that gets called hyung?”

— Defconn


Without much hesitation, Seungri playfully confessed that the two members don’t quite feel like family yet.

“I’m not that comfortable with Daesung yet.”

— Seungri

“We’ve been in the same group for 13 years, but for some reason, I’m still a little awkward around him.”

— Seungri


Seungri’s remark triggered haters to assume that there is something wrong in the teamwork…

  • “Seungri looks awkward around ALL the BIGBANG members. It’s all business.”

  • “You obviously aren’t needed in BIGBANG then.”

  • “We can already tell, Seungri.”


… but the real BIGBANG fans know, to stay a group of 13 years would not have been possible if any of the members were “awkward”.

  • “These boys are like family. It only looks and sounds like this is something bad because you don’t really know the group. Yes, the members are unique and each have strong personalities, but they’re like family.”

  • “Well, obviously. If you know about BIGBANG, Seungri is the type to get real obnoxious with his ‘hyungs’ but Daesung isn’t the type to let that happen. They will only let it go when they’re both old grandpas and age no longer matters.”

  • “LOL what do you even mean, they’re like best friends. They’ve travelled together, they’ve been on shows together… It’s because they’re close that he can say sh*t like that on national TV.”