Seungri’s “Salty Tour” Episode With Sejeong Officially Receives Disciplinary Action

The warning’s become official.

The Korean Communication Standards Commission (KCSC) officially charged broadcasting station, tvN, with a disciplinary action for gender equality violations. 


It was issued for a specific episode where BIGBANG’s Seungri asked Sejeong to pour a drink for the most attractive male cast member. 


The gugudan member appeared to be uncomfortable during the broadcast but went out with the task anyway. This was spotted by many viewers who immediately voiced out their concerns on various online portals and social media. 


Seungri was criticized for his behaviour with the incident seen as a form of sexual harassment by the committee. 

Warning For Violating Broadcasting Laws Slapped On Seungri’s Salty Tour Episode With Sejeong


KCC decided that the scenes justified the sexual harassment charges especially as it was deliberately aired without any appropriate editing.


Aside from the disciplinary action, tvN and otvN still face a possible sanction due to previous past gender equality violations in the past. The deliberation continues. 

Source: MyDaily