Seungri Has Additionally Been Charged With Illegal Photo Distribution

He is also being charged for hidden cam material.

On the morning of March 28, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency held a briefing and stated that Seungri‘s solicitation charges are in progress with an additional charge on illegal photo distribution.


According to the police, Seungri distributed photos that were taken without the consent in numerous group chatrooms.

There are numerous group chatrooms and (the photos) were sent in chatrooms other than the one in question (Jung Joon Young’s chatroom). We are confirming whether Seungri had taken (the photos) or not.

ㅡ Police


Moreover, a suspicious flow of funds was discovered at Club Burning Sun and therefore, the Investigation Team has sent the data over to the Intellectual Crime Team for analyzation. The police have stated that they will conduct a thorough investigation so that no suspicions remain.

We will conduct a thorough investigation so that there is not a single doubt remaining. We have not yet investigated any foreign investors, but will do so if necessary.

ㅡ Police


The police also gave an update on Seungri’s case, stating that they have been made progress in relation to the meaningful statement they mentioned in the conference 2 weeks ago, indicating that Seungri’s solicitation case was progressing.

We’ve secured a fairly meaningful statement.

ㅡ Police at conference held on March 18


Source: Newsis and Spotvnews

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