Seungri’s Scandal Has Reportedly Cost K-Pop Companies Nearly $538 Million

The scandal surrounding Seungri, Jung Joon Young, Choi Jonghoon and more has resulted in significant losses.

The controversy surrounding former BIGBANG member Seungri and other idols has had a major monetary effect on the entertainment industry as a whole.


According to reports, the “Seungri-gate” effect has reportedly cost the market capitalization of several major entertainment companies, including YG Entertainment and FNC Entertainment, nearly $538 million USD so far.


Between February 26 and March 18 the companies’ combined market capitalization dropped by approximately $520 million USD. The drop also hurt investors when the National Pension Service reportedly lost $29.1 million during that same 3 week period.


The scandal, which involves several idols, has stirred up the public’s distrust and resentment toward both companies and idols. It stands to deal a significant, long-lasting blow to the K-Pop market unless major changes are made.


In light of the scandal, many are calling for a re-establishment of the K-Pop industry. Critics say that agencies have produced idols who excel at singing and dancing, but they have not done enough to develop their stars’ character, personality, or morals.

Source: Sisa Journal

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