Lawyer Continues To Deny Seungri’s Knowledge Of The Recent Scandals

He says Seungri is having a very hard time.

SBS news reporters were able to get in contact with Seungri’s lawyer once again. His lawyer confirmed that Seungri hasn’t left the house since the recent scandal because he’s “having a very hard time.

“The public is very angry, and Seungri is having a very hard time.”

— Seungri’s Lawyer


He emphasized that Seungri didn’t know that the crimes were going on during the time that it actually occurred because he was simply a promoter rather than an actual manager.


When Seungri’s statement from I Live Alone was brought up, his lawyer clarified that it was all just bluff for televised promotions.

“People think a celebrity running a business means that they only become the face of the company, but I really do it. I really do everything.”

— Seungri


“He wasn’t the owner, but only played the part of a promoter. The broadcasts were ‘promotions’ too.

Seungri was just the face of the brand. Since he had to seem like an accomplished businessman, he went a bit overboard on the broadcast.”

— Seungri’s Lawyer


According to the lawyer, Seungri only visited the club about twice every month to DJ. He did not partake in any managerial part of the business.

“He never once received direct reports about what happened in Burning Sun. He only heard news from people around him.

He asked Lee Moon Ho about his drug use multiple times. He said he wasn’t using drugs. He never saw what the customers did, so he also had no idea how everything was being managed.”

— Seungri’s Lawyer


Despite his lawyer’s denial, reporters still believe it is impossible that Seungri knew any criminal details surrounding his business ventures.

“He says he was only the face of the brand, but he was an executive since the very beginning. The CEO he appointed is actually his close friend, so it’s impossible to say that Seungri knew nothing about this.”

— Kang Kyung Yoon Reporter

Source: Xports News

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