Seungri Reportedly Spotted At Spa On The Day His Case Was Forwarded To Prosecution

“Seungri looked relaxed.”

Dispatch has reported that Seungri was relaxing at a luxury spa on the day his case was forwarded to prosecution.


According to the informant, Seungri was enjoying a spa day at a spa in Nonhyeon-dong at around 6 pm on June 25th. The spa is famous for being a private sauna that provides saunas with natural ore to eliminate toxins and impurities from the body.


The informant claimed that Seungri seemed relaxed as he enjoyed his spa day.

Seungri looked relaxed. He wore the sauna clothes that were sopped with sweat. He was enjoying the sauna at a time when there were not many people and it wasn’t busy.

ㅡ Informant


Seungri was reportedly with another man who kept watch as Seungri came out of the dressing room. Seungri is said to have come out of the dressing room wearing a conspicuous, fluorescent-colored T-shirt paired with a black hat and mask to cover his face.


June 25th also happened to be the day Seungri’s case was forwarded to prosecution.


Meanwhile, Seungri has denied most of his charges during police investigations.

Source: Dispatch

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