Controversy Erupts After Disgraced Idol Is Allegedly Spotted Clubbing

“Just goes to show he hasn’t learned his lesson…”

Disgraced former idol Seungri was recently spotted at a club.


On September 10, a post titled “Huh? Seungri Still Goes Clubbing” went viral.

In the post, a netizen uploaded an alleged photo of Seungri at a club. In the photo, the person alleged to be Seungri can be seen wearing a baseball cap.

Alleged photo of Seungri | Nate Pann

The person who presumably took the photo captioned it by alleging they saw Seungri.

I saw ㅋㅋ Seungri ㅋㅋ.

— Netizen

Netizens reacted to the photo in horror and disgust.

  • “Wow, that’s crazy. He still hasn’t gotten his act together.”
  • “Just goes to show he hasn’t learned his lesson. If I was him, I wouldn’t have gone.”
  • “He’s the reason why BIGBANG is done… He f@cking never should have been let into the group.”
  • “Tsk, tsk.”
  • “Old habits die hard.”
  • Ajussi, do you want to go to the club at that age?”
  • “I’m sure he’s just going to play for the rest of his life since he hid his money, LOL.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: wikitree