Seungri Opens Up With His Own Statement About His Recent Scandals And Police Investigation

YG relayed his statement.

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BIGBANG‘s Seungri relayed his official stance about his recent scandals and the police investigations that had launched from the allegations of corruption, illegal drug use, prostitution and more.

YG Entertainment received his personal statement and decided to relay it to the public through their own announcement. They asserted that Seungri is apologetic for all of the scandals that he had been associated with over the past few months.

A police investigation had launched to find out the truth behind the rumors that Seungri was involved in illegal drug use, offering prostitution entertainment to foreign investors, and more. Seungri confirms that he will fully and actively cooperate in the investigation to clear his name of all groundless rumors.

YG Entertainment also warned that should Seungri be found guilty of all claims, they will take strict legal action against those who spread these ridiculous stories.

Check out Seungri and YG Entertainment’s official statement below:

“This is YG Entertainment.

Here is Seungri’s statement that our agency received last night. Seungri once again sincerely apologizes to everyone for the uncomfortable news that he has been associated with over the past month.

He asserts that he wants to actively cooperate as soon as possible with the police investigations regarding his drug testing and all of the allegations standing against him.

The agency agrees with Seungri’s stance, and the YG legal team will officially notify the investigation team this morning of Seungri’s willingness to fully cooperate with the investigation.

With hopes that the diligent police investigations will bring forth the truth about these ridiculous rumors, he is ready to take on any punishment should he be found guilty of anything, no matter its severity. Should it be found that the allegations are nothing but false rumors, we will prepare all legal responses towards the complaints, as well as the official police inquiries.”

— YG Entertainment

Source: ISPLUS

Burning Sun Scandal

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