Seungri’s Encounter With Model On “YG Future Strategy Office” Resurfaces

He told the model to stop complaining when he refused to do a “sexy cam”.

YG Entertainment‘s YG Future Strategy Office, which was aired through Netflix in October 2018, has been regaining attention in light of recent issues.

YG Future Strategy Office was a black comedy sitcom produced by YG Entertainment. It dealt with various issues and accidents that were related to the agency.


In one of the episodes, Seungri met with a foreign investor. The investor pointed out a model and said she wanted to do a “sexy cam” with him. When the model refused, Seungri said, “Stop complaining. She’s a powerful woman.”


Even at the time, the scene was strongly criticized by viewers who claimed that prostitution should not be taken lightly.

In fact, Seungri had claimed during the press conference for the show that the scenarios are based on reality and confessed that he had no difficulty acting because they’ve happened in reality so it was natural.

It’s based on reality. Even while acting, I was wondering if it was okay to really do this. I had no inconveniences when acting because they were true. Because they really happened, it was very natural.

ㅡ Seungri


Meanwhile, Seungri has been charged with solicitation of prostitution and his case has been forwarded to prosecution.

Source: Dispatch

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