Typhoon Hinnamnor Floods An Apartment Complex’s Underground Garage, Trapping Seven People Inside

A search team is currently at the scene.

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

Reports of the destruction caused by the typhoon Hinnamnor are steadily trickling in just hours after the storm made its way through the country early morning on September 6.

A building is swept by flood waters in Pohang | joongang
Aftermath of typhoon Hinnamnor | @mij_909/Instagram

Of the cities that were heavily affected, the port city of Pohang, in the southern province of North Gyeongsang, seems to have taken the brunt of the damage.

Pohang | @kiki_young0901/Twitter
Pohang |

Earlier, we reported on the widespread devastation caused by the storm. In Pohang, in particular, much of the city was flooded, with extensive damage to the city’s infrastructure caused by the typhoon. All the while, fears of loss of life are also mounting.

Pohang | newsis
Fire at POSCO steel mill in Pohang | YTN

According to reports, seven people from an apartment complex have gone missing after attempting to remove their cars from the apartment’s parking lot.

The flooded enterance of an apartment’s underground garage where seven people are assumed to be inside | SBS 

The reports say that the seven people did so after the apartment sent out a broadcast advising that residents remove their cars from the apartment’s underground garage. This is despite being in the middle of a typhoon.

According to reports, while the seven people were in the apartment’s garage, a nearby creek was flooded by the typhoon, and it overflowed, sending the torrent down into the underground garage. It is said that within seconds the garage was flooded.

Firefighters are currently at the scene searching for the missing people.

Source: Chosun ilbo