Fans Call Out “SEVEN” Producers For Xenophobic And Offensive Comments About BTS’s Jungkook 

ARMY claim they are trying to take credit for Jungkook’s success.

ARMY are calling out the producers of BTS Jungkook‘s “SEVEN” for xenophobic and offensive comments about the star.

BTS’s Jungkook | SBS

BTS’s Jungkook recently released single “SEVEN” has remained on the charts and continues to break records. Jungkook’s performance has earned praise not only from the general public but from his groupmates as well.

Recently, Forbes shared an interview with Andrew Watt and Cirkut, two of the song’s producers and writers, about the track’s success.

The two had many kind things to say about Jungkook, including explaining how Scooter Braun, CEO of HYBE America, knew that the BTS member would make the song a hit.

(left to right) Scooter Braun, Jungkook, Andrew Watt, and Cirkut. | Scooter Braun

Unfortunately, some other interview content did not sit right with ARMY.

First, Cirkut refers to ARMY as “rabid,” something many consider a continuation of negative stereotypes about fans of K-Pop artists.

“The fan base is absolutely rabid,” Cirkut said about the reception from the singer’s followers, as well as the onslaught of comments and tags he’s received from them on social media. “It’s amazing how fans of BTS and Jung Kook are just so supportive and loyal. It’s just pretty crazy.” About the listeners, Watt said, simply, “There’s not many fan bases like the BTS fan base.”

— Exerpt From Forbes Interview

Next, Andrew Watt compares Jungkook’s release of “SEVEN” to the start of Justin Timberlake’s solo career. Justin Timberlake was an active member of NYSNC until leaving the group upon going solo, an implication not lost on fans.

In the same passage, Watt refers to Jungkook as a “superstar” but makes the distinguishment between his career before and after the release of “SEVEN,” saying he’s now reached the level of “American superstar.”

Now, following “Seven” debuting at No. 1 on various charts, Jung Kook is not just a member of the biggest band in the world but a hitmaker in his own right. And this sits very well with the producers who had a hand in his current globe-dominating success. “It’s similar to Justin Timberlake breaking out of NSync,” Watt stated, comparing the two boy bands and the talents that emerged from them. He went on to call Jung Kook ” so kind and respectful and sweet and such a hard worker” before finishing his thought by saying, “And he’s a superstar, and he’s now an American superstar, which is incredible.”

— Exerpt From Forbes Interview

Fans felt that the statement attempted to take away from Jungkook’s previous success and status as a Korean global superstar while emphasizing his American success as if the most important.

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