Seven Seasons apologise for the use of derogatory terms in Zico’s “Tough Cookie”

Seven Seasons, Block B’s management agency, released an official statement and apologised for the derogatory terms in Zico’s “Tough Cookie.”

Block B’s Zico received backlash following the release of his solo track “Tough Cookie” on November 7th for its use of homophobic slurs and obscene terms in his lyrics. In particular, netizens pointed out the use of the term “faggot” a derogatory slang to ridicule homosexuals, which was evident through their replies on YouTube and other SNS portals.

In response to the recent backlash received, Seven Seasons explained that, “The word was not intended to ridicule homosexuals, as it was only used for the purpose of his deep, musical narrative. If we would’ve known that the word would carry such derogatory meaning towards homosexuals, we would have strictly censored it.” 

The agency went on to explain that Zico does not have any negative bias or intent to disrespect homosexuality or sexual minorities.

The statement ended with an apology stating that they did not mean to include the term in the lyrics to insult homosexuals and sends their deep apologies to everyone offended.

Meanwhile, Zico will be joining Block B on their upcoming concert 2014 Blockbuster Encore Concert at the Handball Arena, Olympic Park on November 22nd and 23rd.

Source: MyDaily