Seven Seasons insists Zico was unaware his manager had any alcohol

On July 11th, Seven Seasons released an official statement stating that Zico was unaware of the fact that the manager had been drinking.

Below is the translation of the official statement by Seven Seasons:

“Hello this is Seven Seasons.

We would like to let everyone know the details of the recent incident where Zico was in the passenger seat of a drunk driving incident.

On July 8th, Zico was working on a song in a studio and left to participate in Block B member Park Kyung’s birthday. After congratulating him he had left to head back to the studio.

As his manager usually drove him to the studio, the manager was driving him to the studio.

The accident took place while on their way to the studio and Zico only discovered the fact that the manager had drank through the process of police investigations. They were together during questioning and Zico’s blood alcohol level was found tobe 0.000%.

Although Zico himself was not driving is is very apologetic that he was not able to discern that the manager had drank and very much regrets his decision.

The main fault of this incident lies on us, the company for not being able to take care of an employee’s actions. The company, employee and artist all regret and would like to apologize to those involved in the accident due to lack of our precautions.

We will put utmost care into preventing any such thing from happening again and to prevent any incidents that will cause fans to worry from now on.”

Source: Xports News