Seven Seasons states Block B’s U-Kwon and Taeil solo releases are groundless rumors

After a few too many reportes on Block B’s U-Kwon and Taeil making solo releases in January 2015 were spread through the media, their agency responded with a statement to say that the two members have no plans on releasing any solo projects.

On December 5th, Block B’s agency Seven Seasons disclosed to TV Report, “After coming across the news reports and articles, we were baffled. Neither U-Kwon nor Taeil have any solo albums they plan to release.

The agency representative continued by adding, “However, they do have plans for a Japanese promotion in January of next year. How could they release solos next month [in Korea] when they don’t even have any songs?

On this same day, a media platform reported that U-Kwon and Taeil will be making solo promotions in January of next year, compelling Seven Seasons to release an official statement that the reports are merely groundless rumors.

The agency went on to add that U-Kwon, especially, would not have the time or opportunity to release any solo projects due to his busy schedules performing in the popular musical, All Shook Up.

Meanwhile, Block B as a whole have hinted at a new track, revealing the title of one of the group’s upcoming songs at their recent concert. The members of Block B have also announced that they have been working very hard in the production of a new album.

Source: TV Report