SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu And S.Coups Use The Most Clever 2PM Reference In “_WORLD”

Eagle-eyed fans couldn’t miss the hint.

Because SEVENTEEN always has special presents prepared for fans, the group recently dropped an Eye Contact version for “_WORLD”. And it didn’t take long for Carats to notice a reference to another K-Pop group that left them super excited.

Since Mingyu once named 2PM as a group that inspired him to become a singer, it was only natural for him to sneak in a reference to them.


During Mingyu’s part at the beginning of the music video, when he sang, “I can take you to a place you’ve never been before,” he decided to add a dance move fans would find familiar. Joined by S.Coups, both of them walked backward and held out their hands as if waiting for someone else’s.

Eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed that it looked similar to the signature move from 2PM’s “My House”. They sing, “It’s alright, let’s go to my house,” while the members walk backward and reach a hand out to grab someone else’s.

Fans were excited to see the “smooth” reference to 2PM. They even joked about how happy they’d be to accept Mingyu’s invitation to SEVENTEEN’s house. See Mingyu prove he’s a HOTTEST here.