SEVENTEEN Earns Attention For Performing An Unexpected Song At A Staff Member’s Wedding

The group turned the wedding hall into a concert venue.

SEVENTEEN recently earned attention with their performance at a staff member’s wedding that turned the nuptial celebrations into a full-blown concert.

(Top row, L to R) SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu, Jeonghan, S.Coups, Vernon, Hoshi, The8, Woozi, and Seungkwan (Bottom row, L to R) Wonwoo, DK, Joshua, Dino, and Jun | @pledis_17/Twitter

The SEVENTEEN members are no strangers to performing at weddings. The SEVENTEEN sub-unit SEVENTEEN BSS, also known as BooSeokSoon, formed by DK, Seungkwan, and Hoshi, previously performed at three weddings.

The trio earned attention after giving a stage-worthy performance of their song “Just Do It” at producer Bumzu‘s relative’s wedding, changing the lyrics to be more romantic for the occasion.

This time, eleven SEVENTEEN members appeared at a staff member’s wedding, surprising netizens with their unexpected song choice.

For the happy occasion, SEVENTEEN performed their upbeat and high-energy song “Aju Nice.”

Before the performance, Hoshi hilariously explained that they only had four microphones to use between the eleven members, so they prepared an AR backing track for the occasion.

Even though they had the backing track prepared, it didn’t seem the members needed it as they excitedly worked together to share microphones and performed with the same energy they do during their concerts.

Netizens and CARATs (SEVENTEEN fans) hilariously reacted to the unexpected song choice, the group’s crowd work, and their energetic performance on social media.

It seemed that SEVENTEEN and the wedding guests all had a blast during the performance, making for an unforgettable night.

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