SEVENTEEN Becomes The First K-pop Group To Be Featured On Instagram Official

Instagram followed SEVENTEEN around on their Japan tour, and uploaded behind-the-scenes videos of their concert on their Instagram story.

On March 11, Instagram’s official account uploaded a photo of SEVENTEEN while they were on tour in Japan, making them the first ever K-pop idol group to be featured on their page.

The photo they used was one from Seventeen’s official Instagram account, in which they dressed up as H.O.T to perform the legendary song, “Happiness” at the 2016 MBC Gayo Daejejeon.

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Instagram continually uploaded photos of the boys preparing for their official concert throughout the day on their daily story, which fans appreciated very much.

Instagram’s official account has over 216 million followers, meaning this could be another huge break through for an already internationally popular group.

Congratulations to Seventeen for their incredible milestone!