SEVENTEEN Reveals Which US Artists They Want To Collaborate With And More In Billboard Interview

They truly got deep and in depth about their music and members.

SEVENTEEN recently sat down with Billboard for an exclusive interview, where they introduced the group as “one of the most prominent K-Pop acts around, with popular hits and international tours to accompany them.”


During the interview, the members were asked which artists they would like to collaborate with. SEVENTEEN’s main producer, Woozi, named Bruno Mars as his choice.


Joshua explained that he’d like to work with Ariana Grande.


Vernon chose a recent favorite of his, Tobi Lou.


With big hopes and dreams for a potential collaboration, SEVENTEEN hopes 2019 will be a busier season. The member revealed that they want to travel the world to return the fans’ love and share new music.

“In 2019, we’re going to try to be even busier than in 2018 and show new sides to ourselves, we want to be able to meet our fans in various places, and to return all the love that we’ve been receiving.

We’re going to show a lot of fun and cooler sides to ourselves and our music. We’re confident that it’s going to be great. We want to be able to perform in various places and show new sides to ourselves.

Like the Americas, maybe.”

— S. Coups and Vernon


It appears SEVENTEEN and CARATs will be booked and busy all throughout 2019 as well! Check out their latest hit, ‘HOME’!

Source: Billboard