SEVENTEEN’s BSS References aespa In Performance, And ENHYPEN Heeseung’s Reaction Goes Viral

Every idol in the room didn’t expect BSS’s funny moment.

SEVENTEEN‘s BSS unit spiced up their performance at the 12th Circle Chart Music Awards with an aespa ad-lib that went viral and earned an equally funny viral reaction from ENHYPEN‘s Heeseung.

Heeseung | Inkigayo

During the unit’s “Just do it” performance, they added a line that made every idol group in attendance laugh, especially asepa. DK sang, “As expected, next level,” while the group did the signature “Next Level” dance move. Winter and Karina saw it coming, doing the move too.

NingNing and Giselle were so surprised that they couldn’t help laughing, eventually joined by the other members. Every group enjoyed the moment, including ENHYPEN. They burst into laughter while Heeseung was hilariously taken aback, still imitating the “Next Level” dance move as well.

Like Jay, Jake, and Sunghoon, Heeseung had to turn away to bend over and laugh.

Fans enjoyed Heeseung’s “too stunned to speak” reaction and sent the funny clip on its way to viral fame.

Paired with BSS’s viral interaction with aespa, fans and idols couldn’t get enough of the hilarious moments.