SEVENTEEN’s Producer Bumzu Spills On What He Thinks Is The Reason Behind The Group’s Continuous Growth And Success

Because they all have the same mindset and drive, they’re unstoppable.

In the 2022 BRIEFING WITH THE COMMUNITY, SEVENTEEN’s producer Bumzu revealed what he thought was the reason behind SEVENTEEN’s explosive growth and success as an artist ever since day one.

Bumzu likened the relationship between the artist and producer to one of rowing a boat together, where all their movements have to align and follow the same rhythm.


Bumzu isn’t officially a part of the group, but he’s basically the hidden 14th member and is treated like family. Thanks to that, his work with SEVENTEEN flows naturally and seamlessly.

Working with SEVENTEEN, I have never needed to force them to do something. We share certain emotions very naturally. That’s why I always think of ‘we’ more than ‘I’ when working with them.

— Bumzu

Bumzu named the reason that serves as the foundation of SEVENTEEN’s drive and success, and it’s a mindset they’ve all had since their debut.


I have felt that there is a power among us, to overcome any situation with limitations.

— Bumzu

SEVENTEEN also considers such power the most important. They always value pushing the limits and surpassing them.

— Bumzu

Woozi gave his thoughts about SEVENTEEN’s drive and how each member relishes in the joy that comes with breaking the perceived limits.

That sense of achievement can be shared among those who have made it It is something you can feel only when you cross another limit and say, ‘Oh, I finally did it.’

— Woozi

Of course, it’s not that everything they try results in success. In their journey to the top, SEVENTEEN have had plenty of ups and downs, but the cycle of failure and overcoming makes their success so sweet. There’s no such thing as perfection, but the growth and joy that comes with chasing it is everything to an artist.


Because there are always limits, SEVENTEEN is always striving to break them down one by one.


Even if they aren’t sure exactly what their next goal is all the time, they naturally end up surpassing expectations and limitations by working towards being better versions of themselves day by day.

Sometimes we have no idea where we are going exactly Ironically, those moments cause the limits in front of us to vanish. Then we find ourselves in a place we would never have imagined.

— Woozi


What’s also a strength is that each member of SEVENTEEN shares this mindset, allowing them to overcome challenges together with their unique synergy. It’s not only their driving force but also their most attractive charm.

After seven years, Woozi feels like SEVENTEEN is now at the place of being a team with no limits, which only means that they will only continue to soar to new heights, captivating everyone with their music.