SEVENTEEN CAFE Is Coming Soon And Everything Is Aesthetic AF

Everything is gorgeous.

SEVENTEEN is going to have their own cafe soon!

Opening in 2020, the SEVENTEEN CAFE is aesthetically pleasing in everything they offer.

From mugs…

To ID laces…

And even pins and trinkets, the group’s colors are integrated into the cute designs.

The menu is also gorgeous and carefully curated. Each member has their own savory and sweet dish patterned after them as well as a drink.

The food matches the member’s preferences and likes. DK, for instance, says that he chose the heart pancakes because of how much he enjoys it.

Pancakes are one of my favourite desserts. Pancake in the shape of a heart『Dokyeom’s Pancake』 (♡_♡)

SEVENTEEN CAFE will open in various locations in Japan starting March 19, such as Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.

Source: Seventeen Cafe