Korean SEVENTEEN Fans Declare Boycott

Pledis Entertainment has yet to address the backlash.

SEVENTEEN fans in Korea have declared they are boycotting the group’s upcoming encore concert series.

SEVENTEEN | Pledis Entertainment

Previously, controversy broke out after it was announced that SEVENTEEN would be holding an encore concert tour in both Korea and Japan.

Latest SEVENTEEN Announcement Sparks Intense Criticism From Korean CARATS

The criticism stems from the fact that Korean fans of the group took exception to the fact that the group would be celebrating their 9-year anniversary in Japan rather than Korea.

The controversy has since roiled over across social media platforms where Korean CARATS are organizing a boycott against the concert.

Below is a letter to international CARATS asking them to boycott. Korean CARATS, please RT and share our sentiments. #seventeenencoreconcertboycott

— @ixhrvr/Twitter

Seriously don’t f@cking piss me off. Seems like they have a taste for messing with CARATS. #seventeenencoreconcertboycott

— @Mandoopkim0505/Twitter

Leave the fandom? No way. Take a break from the fandom? Not even thinking about it. Boycott the encore concert? We will make it happen. #seventeenencoreconcertboycott

— @ming_miniming/Twitter

Pledis, don’t take away my positive mind and my hopes. #seventeenencoreconcertboycott

— @anshih77/Twitter

Meanwhile, this isn’t the only controversy that the group’s label, Pledis Entertainment, is facing. Recently, the label has been under fire for allegedly dismissing the accomplishments of other idols. Read more about it in the link below.

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