SEVENTEEN Celebrates 1st Win For “Ready To Love” On “Music Bank” With A Legendary Zoom Call Encore Performance

Quarantine can’t stop them from having a good time!

SEVENTEEN newest hit “Ready to Love” has just received their first win and they celebrated in a way Carats will be talking about for a long time!

| @pledis_17/Twitter

On June 25, SEVENTEEN’s “Ready to Love” went up against’s BTS‘s widely popular “Butter” on Music Bank and took the spot for first place with 7,640 points and BTS with 4, 273 points.

As many know, once a group places first, the members traditionally come out on stage and do an encore performance as a celebration. Unfortunately, SEVENTEEN was not able to perform at the moment of their win.

Due to one of their staff members testing positive for COVID-19, the members of SEVENTEEN have been in quarantine. Despite being stuck at their dorm, SEVENTEEN didn’t let quarantine hold them back from celebrating with their Carats!

SEVENTEEN made history by being the first group to do an encore stage via a Zoom call! Their creative minds never let us down!

Before performing “Ready to Love,” the members thanked their fans and their staff for their amazing support! After they shared some touching words, SEVENTEEN beautifully sang their hit song. Not only was their performance of “Ready to Love” amazing, but the members set their backgrounds as a screenshot of their win announcement from Music Bank.

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon took it a step farther for Carats and stood up to dance their “Ready to Love” choreography!

Seungkwan also showed some amazing effort and changed into his stage costume for their other new song “Anyone.”

This moment will forever be iconic and congratulations to SEVENTEEN on their win!

Check out the encore zoom call below: