SEVENTEEN’s Choreographer Reveals How Sweetheart Hoshi Always Has The Fans On His Mind

He loves Carats so much 🥺

In a new AYO “Comment Defenders” video on YouTube, two veteran K-Pop choreographers revealed that SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi always thinks about Carats when he’s choreographing.

Lee Dabin and Lee Junwoo are both chief choreographers at LOOK, a dance team known for working with EXO, SHINee, GOT7, and more. They’ve also worked with SEVENTEEN, getting to know the members pretty well over the years. According to the team, one member in particular always has fans on his mind: Hoshi.

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SEVENTEEN’s dance team LOOK said Hoshi always makes choreography thinking of Carats’ side.

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While SEVENTEEN often work with outside choreographers, they also have a star choreographer in their very own group. Main dancer and leader of the performance team, Hoshi participates in creating the dances for most of SEVENTEEN’s songs.

And, when Hoshi is choreographing, Lee Dabin and Lee Junwoo say he always keeps the group’s fans in mind, adding special meaning to the moves that Carats will appreciate. In the choreography for “Thanks”, for example, there’s a move where the members cross their pinky fingers together.

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All the SEVENTEEN members wear special rings on their pinky fingers, designed to link them together as a family. So, when they link their fingers together, Lee Junwoo explained that the move symbolizes the ring and Carats becoming connected.

It can’t be seperated!

— Lee Dabin

Lee Dabin agreed that Hoshi always “thinks a lot” about Carats and wants to show his love to the fans through choreography. The LOOK team were so touched by Hoshi’s sentiment that they too consider the fans when they work on choreography for SEVENTEEN.

For example, they added the “T”, “H”, “X” formation to the “Thanks” choreography. Lee Dabin explained that these moves are intended to symbolize SEVENTEEN saying “thank you” to their fans.

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We can closely see how much artists [like Hoshi] think of their fans.

— Junwoo

Source: AYO (YouTube)