SEVENTEEN Reveals The Types Of Concerns They Have As Self Producing Idols

“We have to pay more attention.”

In an interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu, Jeonghan, Wonwoo, and THE8 revealed the concerns they have in their planning process as self-producing idols.

As many already know, many of the content SEVENTEEN creates are almost all self-produced by the 13 members of the group. From choreographing, songwriting, and more, SEVENTEEN can do it all.

While the group gains much praise for their creative talent, the members revealed that it comes with concerns and pressures to impress their fans.

In their interview, Mingyu shared that there is pressure towards wanting to meet their Carat’s expectations.

Q: From some point, the modifier “self-produced” naturally follows in front of the SEVENTEEN group’s name. As a group that is recognized for self-producing albums and content, there must be endless worrying during the planning process.

I think we have to meet the expectations that are put on us and to go beyond the expectations, we have to pay more attention. In our album, stages, and musical aspects, all the members think about them with a sense of responsibility and weight. For the self-producing content and videography, I’m still in the process of learning about it so I plan to do them with a relatively light mind. When we develop our ideas, we have a lot of meetings.

— Mingyu

The members also discussed what they prioritized when it comes to planning their performances.

Q: In addition to the group’s stage completed by endless thoughts and practice, we can’t leave out the diverse unit performances from the hip-hop team, vocal team, and performance team. What is the most important factor that SEVENTEEN thinks of when planning stages?

I think that when I prepare for the performance team’s stage, I avoid the movements that appear hard/stiff. During my performances, I try my best to express the emotions as naturally as I can. I’m constantly studying how to express the energy inside me through my performance. It’s the biggest homework for me.

— THE8

For Wonwoo, he shared that he finds the delivery of the messages in their songs and performances to be one of the most important elements.

I think that the ability to communicate is the most important no matter what kind of stage I envision. I think the same way towards how we deliver our message in our lyrics. At the beginning of my debut, I would sometimes write lyrics for my rap that sounded cool and would focus on what was shown on the outside. But these days, I tend to write lyrics that focus on my thoughts and feelings.

— Wonwoo

Mingyu commented that he believes the members all focus on the same thing when it comes to planning their performances.

I think the elements that all the members focus on are similar. We put effort to make a performance that can project our interest and the emotions we want to express.

— Mingyu

Of course, the physical side of planning and preparing a performance is important and Jeonghan clarified it’s one thing he finds essential.

As a result, I think practice is very important because I have to show the most complete stage. The stage’s performance quality depends on how much we practice so we coordinate even the smallest movements during practice. Practice is the only way to live (laughs).

— Jeonghan

Source: Cosmopolitan Korea


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