SEVENTEEN Shares That They Want To Achieve This One Goal For 2019

Fans are getting busy to help make this a reality!

SEVENTEEN sat down with the prestigious magazine, Forbes, to talk about their latest album and their goals for 2019.


Seungkwan revealed that they hope to win a daesang (grand award) at a music award show this year.

“I hope we can win the Daesang! It’s something I really want to accomplish someday together with our members.”

— Seungkwan


SEVENTEEN has won multiple categories at award shows and numerous music show awards, but have yet to win their first daesang since their debut in 2015.


Perhaps 2019 could become that year as Forbes highlighted the fact that their latest album, You Made My Dawn, is receiving “fanfare both at home in South Korea and abroad for what is shaping up to be one of the band’s biggest successes—both for its commercial performance and artistic achievements.


Besides their hopes of winning daesang in 2019, Wonwoo hopes that “Carats and all [his] members can be healthy.Jun also added that he hopes “SEVENTEEN can become a more approachable group.


Daesang may not be too far away as SEVENTEEN and CARATs have already seen immense amount of success with their latest hit, “Home”!

Source: Forbes