SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups And DK Gets A Mention From One Of Their Dream Collaborators

Is there a possible collaboration coming?

On January 19, SEVENTEEN was featured by the GRAMMY Museum Experience and the Prudential Center‘s partnership youtube video titled Mini Masterclass.

In the video, the group talked about their careers, experiences, inspiration, and of course, dream collaborations. This question came from a lucky fan who asked “If you could collaborate with any artists from any genre or era, new or old, who would it be?

The group named several artists such as Shawn Mendes, Bruno Mars, and more. There was one duo that both S.Coups and DK mentioned, Dan + Shay. S.Coups shared how valuable Dan + Shay’s music is to him during his break. Back in 2019, leader S.Coups announced he would be taking a hiatus from all SEVENTEEN activity due to anxiety.

They’re artists I got a lot of energy and comfort from when I was resting and going through a difficult time. So, I’m really thankful to them and I’m still listening to a lot of their music.

— S.Coups

DK, who also stated he wished to collaborate with Dan + Shay shared how their music influences him.

I also like Dan + Shay’s music, and listening to their songs puts me in a good mood. So it would be great if we could sing together.

— DK

Following their interview, fans were reminded of S.Coups’ hardship and expressed their gratitude towards Dan + Shay on Twitter. One fan even caught the duo’s attention.

The tweet shared a warm message:

I would like to say thank you to @DanAndShay for giving Scoups the energy and comfort when he was resting and going through a difficult time. This means a lot. Thank you for your songs.

—  @emarieyyehoshi

Dan + Shay noticed the tweet and responded in the comments not just once, but twice:

love this so much! these guys are so kind! we’re grateful for their support!

—  Dan + Shay

The second tweet was three lovely red heart emojis.

S.Coups went full fanboy and replied to Dan + Shay’s reply:

[17’S 쿱스] @DanAndShay Many thanks to both of you, we really do love your music! We can’t wait for all the amazing things you’ll do this year. Perhaps, one day, we’ll be able to create something together. Hope you stay safe and healthy, and of course, happy new year!

— S.Coups

Hopefully, this interaction between SEVENTEEN and Dan + Shay will result in a collaboration. Fans have their fingers crossed.

Check out their interview/Q & A below: