If SEVENTEEN’s Dance Challenges Are Too Difficult For You, Try This Adorable Fan-Made One

Let’s be real, how many of us can dance like SEVENTEEN’s members?

SEVENTEEN is known for many things — their self-producing abilities, their amazing discography, and, perhaps above everything else, their phenomenal dance and performance skills.

For a group of thirteen people, they’re always ridiculously in sync with each other, even though many of their choreographies are very difficult!

The group just released their first all-English single, “Darl+ing”, which is so sweet and adorable that Carats everywhere are swooning. And of course, it wouldn’t be a SEVENTEEN comeback without a perfect dance to go along with it!

Lately, SEVENTEEN has been using TikTok in order to create dance challenges for fans to try, and they’ve already posted a couple for “Darl+ing” for people to follow along with.


Darling you baby💋#SCOUPS #WOOZI #HOSHI #SVT_Darling #Darling #달링 #DarlingChallenge

♬ Darl+ing – SEVENTEEN


Darling you baby💋 #JOSHUA #JUN #MINGYU #SVT_Darling #Darling #달링 #DarlingChallenge

♬ Darl+ing – SEVENTEEN

Though the challenge is short, there are some complicated moves involved that might not be the most friendly for beginners or those inexperienced with dancing. Fortunately, if you want to still be part of something involving SEVENTEEN on TikTok, you’re in luck!

TikTok user @ramenhaos posted a clip of himself studying while listening to “Darl+ing”, and he ends up breaking into an adorable wiggly dance that perfectly suits the song and is something that most people could probably follow along with.


real unedited completely normal video of my studying to darl+ing #kpop #kpopfyp #seventeen #svt_darling #darlingchallenge

♬ Darl+ing – SEVENTEEN

People on social media are hoping that the clip will go viral, and we agree!

It would be a great chance for Carats to promote SEVENTEEN’s first English single by showing their support in the cutest and sweetest way possible!

If you haven’t already watched the music video for “Darl+ing”, check it out below: