SEVENTEEN Delights Fans With First OT13 Performance Of “Rock With You”

Their stage was finally complete.

When SEVENTEEN came back with their 9th mini album Attacca in late October of 2021, members Jun and The8 were unable to join their members for performances, despite being involved in album production, since they were spending time with their families in China.

Since then, CARATs have been eagerly waiting for all thirteen members to be able to perform the title track, “Rock with you,” together.

And CARATs finally got their wish at the 2022 Golden Disk Awards when all thirteen members took to stage to perform their recent song.


And needless to say, fans were thrilled.

The stage certainly looked more complete, with all thirteen members performing together.

And fans were especially excited to see Jun and The8 finally perform their parts of the song, previously covered by other members.

Waiting for center Jun was definitely worth it.

And so was waiting to see The8’s incredibly captivating stage presence.


And of course, it was a good night for SEVENTEEN as well, as the group also won the Cosmopolitan Artist Award and Album Bonsang.

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