SEVENTEEN Dino’s Dance Partner Gains Attention For Her Stunning Visuals

She won over fans with her skills before sealing the deal with her visuals.

Whether it’s through his DINO’S DANCEOLOGY videos or surprise dance clips, SEVENTEEN‘s Dino never fails to amaze fans with his skills. This time, it was his dance partner that also caught fans’ attention.

The maknae uploaded a short dance to Ariana Grande‘s “positions” on SEVENTEEN’s Twitter. With a female dancer by his side, both of them nailed the dance with their fluid moves. The female dancer soon became many Carats’ new girl crush.

Curious as to who the dancer was, they tracked her down to discover she’s a choreographer by the name of Won You Jin.

| onlyoneyoujin/Instagram

As if her dancing wasn’t enough to reel fans in, her visuals were stunning enough to make them do a double-take.

| onlyoneyoujin/Instagram

The choreographer has also worked with Red Velvet‘s Seulgi, who posted a video of what appeared to be the two of them dancing: “Thank you, teacher You Jin.

Won You Jin is more than a pretty face. She has the amazing dance talent to back it up.

| onlyoneyoujin/Instagram

Watch the stunning Won You Jin slay the dance with Dino here.