SEVENTEEN’s Dino Posted An Innocent Picture Of A Pickle, But His Fellow Members Made It Unnecessarily Chaotic

And a Carat started the whole ordeal 😂

You know a K-Pop group is close when the members toy with each other on social media, and no group shows proof of this more than SEVENTEEN.

Recently, maknae Dino posted a picture of a slice of a pickle on Weverse. It was a simple photo, and he posted it with an equally simple comment that was just a green heart since the pickle slice was vaguely the shape of a heart.

Rather than agree with Dino’s opinion, however, a Carat posted a rather hilarious comment that caught the attention of some of SEVENTEEN’s other members.

Carat: I see, Jeonghan‘s butt looks like that

Woozi: 🙈

Jun: It looks like 🍏 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Once Jeonghan saw these comments, he couldn’t help but join in on the silliness 😂

Jeonghan: You’re saying it looks like a butt~??

Jeonghan: It looks like a butt.

Jeonghan: You mean it’s precious~??

Of course, Carats were wheezing over this interaction between the Carat and SEVENTEEN members, and the reactions to it are priceless.

This really is just another day of being a SEVENTEEN fan, because you know that something like this is bound to happen again soon!


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