SEVENTEEN Dino’s Response To Kim Jaejoong’s Sudden Question About Dating

At first, he was taken aback by the sudden question.

SEVENTEEN‘s Dino is gaining attention after his response to a question about dating which initially had him taken aback.

SEVENTEEN’s Dino | @feat.dino/Instagram

Since debuting, Dino has cemented himself as one of the best all-rounders in the industry, excelling in every part of being an idol, whether it’s his vocals, rap, dance, visuals, or charisma.



On November 30, Dino was the next guest on Kim Jaejoong‘s iconic show Jaefriends.

Of course, one of THE controversial topics within the K-Pop industry is dating, and sometimes idols use it to make content more fun, and that’s exactly what Jaejoong did. Considering that Dino has been in the industry since he was young, he might not have had the same opportunities for dating as his members.

During the video, when talking about Dino’s age, Jaejoong suddenly asked, “Have you dated a lot?” and the idol’s confused reaction said it all.

As expected from an idol (with a lot of media training, according to fellow member Hoshi), Dino explained that he knew the feeling of “liking someone” without specifying anything.

Jaejoong’s comment then took Dino back as he explained strongly, “I’m currently dating someone. But my fans know.” Dino seemed taken aback as Jaejoong added, “I’m in a relationship.”

Of course, Jaejoong was in full idol with his answer but couldn’t get the fact that Dino didn’t know what he meant, in the sense that idols always say they are in a relationship with their fans.

After a few seconds, Dino realized and said, “There was an answer you wanted to hear?”

He then adorably explained that he hadn’t explained who he dated and then went back to the concept with the idea that he was dating CARATs (SEVENTEEN’s fandom name).

I’ve been in a relationship. I still am. The name has only 2 syllables like me. CARAT.


Jaejoong then joked that he had never met an idol who had taken so long to get the concept, but he said it in a loving way.

When the video was posted, netizens loved how adorably flustered Dino was by the sudden question about his relationship status. It isn’t a question commonly addressed by idols, especially by fellow artists, so it made them LOL.

As always, Dino never fails to make netizens smile with his actions and Jaejoon’s reaction was equally adorable.

Source: uhmg/YouTube